Programming Services

UNIX Shell Scripts

Trained and qualified staff are available to custom design UNIX shell scripts to meet your proprietary computing and reporting needs. We are experienced in crafting to meet the needs of both small to mid-size companies as well as major corporations like Sprint PCS and IBM.

We are able to create shell scripts with a very short turn around that will automate your monthly system maintenace, file purges, or file system back ups as well as run complex SQL queries within the scripts and perform statistical analysis and reporting. These reports can be returned to you as text file attachmets to automated emailing, ftp'd to designated locations, or converted to html format for use on web browsers.

Programming can be done for any UNIX platform including AIX, Solaris, HPUX, Linux and others and in your desired shell of preference: Korn, ksh, Bash, Bourne, C-shell, csh, or T-shell, tcsh. Interaction with data and file systems hosted other non-UNIX systems is also possible. With proper access this code can be crafted on your systems, done either remotely or on site by our staff.

Experienced partners are also available to provide programming services in C, C++, Perl and other multiplatform languages like Java, html and CGI programming. Associates | 7308 Princes Anne Drive | Mechanicsville, VA 23111 | 401-339-4066
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